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Browse through this site and find the attorney that best suits your needs. Make sure he/she is the one you want.  Do you have a good rapport with him/her? Some good questions to ask are:

  • How much experience have you had dealing with my type of case?
  • What are your odds of success in this area?
  • What are you going to need from me?
  • What will be the fee arrangement?
  • Will we review my case other than the initial meeting and court date?
  • Will you help me prepare?
  • If I need letters will you help me review them?
  • Have you had experience dealing with our opponents?

Browse to find the Attorney 

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Treatment Centers

Some of the benefits of successful treatment are to return people to being productive at work, in their families and in the community. Finding the right form of treatment for you is crucial to your success. Your level of use will determine your level of care. Check with your insurance company to see what is covered. If you don’t have insurance check with your county or state to see what programs they might have to offer. 

We provide a comprehensive network of professional legal network and treatment resources that empower your law firm and boost your practice by connecting you with qualified consumers who are ready to hire an attorney  and seek treatment.

Get More Clients

 Give customers a reason to do business with you.Let them see all your assets. Many people seeking a DUI Attorney will also need to have a Family Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney or a Personal Injury Attorney. We call it the DUI Trickle Down Approach. If you are a firm that has many different Practice Areas this is perfect to generate ongoing business. If not, your referral sources for other practice areas will love you! 

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